Areas of practice

Comercial and Company Law

We are continually involved in all types of commercial and corporate transactions and business. Our team of professionals contribute their knowledge a

International Fisheries Law

  Our firm regularly provides services in a wide range of matters, such as: Ship flag registration in third countries. Joint ventures. Regional,


    There are several aspects of shipbuilding in which we put our experience at the service of our clients: Negotiation prior to contracting

Insurance Law

As we have acquired vast experience in insurance-related matters, we have routinely provided legal counsel in cases in which the insurer has been a de

Transport Law

  Thus, AMYA ABOGADOS has acquired this experience through its participation in numerous cases in which it has provided legal counsel to differe

Maritime and Port Law

  Thus, we are qualified to advise our clients in Spain and abroad, and provide a fully integrated maritime law service, specifically in the foll

AMYA ABOGADOS provides services in the areas of Port and Maritime Law, Transport Law, International Fishing Rights, Commercial and Corporate Law, Shipbuilding and Insurance Law. Our extensive experience in these areas allows us to offer quality advice to clients seeking specific solutions for their businesses. Also, through our network of correspondent lawyers all around the world and our internal staff, we are able to provide a wide range of services in other areas of law and business.