We regularly provide legal advice to ship-owners and shipyards in the negotiation and conclusion of shipbuilding contracts to ensure that ships are built and delivered to the satisfaction of our clients. We support our customers during the different stages of the shipbuilding process. During these phases, the frameworks of contracts may change for different reasons (improvements, technical corrections to projects, regulatory requirements, etc.).




There are several aspects of shipbuilding in which we put our experience at the service of our clients:

  • Negotiation prior to contracting of different standard international shipbuilding contracts (AWES, SAJ, NSF, NEWBUILDCON, REPAIRCON).

  • Drafting and execution of shipbuilding contracts – national and international shipbuilding (notarial deeds, Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Bill of Sale (BOS)).
  • Manage and negotiate all matters relating to the actual financing of shipbuilding, ship mortgages, liens and encumbrances.
  • Inspections at sea and on land. Sea trials.
  • Maritime law arbitration or judicial proceedings in the event of disputes.[pixel_column_row]

We also have extensive experience in providing legal counsel to companies on shipbuilding, mainly material suppliers, installers and subcontractors, generally shipyards, which are a key part of the service chain in shipbuilding, as well as companies engaging in the development of “turnkey” services for shipbuilders and/or repairers.


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    There are several aspects of shipbuilding in which we put our experience at the service of our clients: Negotiation

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